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From: Jazzdog
Subject: Family Love or Lust?This is a story for adult only. It is purely a work of fiction and does not
depict any actual persons that I am aware of. The story involves 36 year
old Gloria, her 41 year old husband Brad and her son by a previous marriage,
Steve. It involves bisexuality and incest. If these subjects are distasteful
to you then I suggest you go somewhere else.One Saturday afternoon Brad decided to do some work on his car and stopped
at his step-son Steve's room to ask him if he wanted to help Brad. Brad did
not bother to knock on the door to Steve's room and when he opened the door
he was surprised to see Steve laying on his bed nude and masturbating. When
Steve noticed Brad in the room he pulled the covers over himself and tried
to hide his embarrassment Brad tried to calm the teenager by telling him
that it is OK. that everybody does that. Yes I do it and all your friends do
it and even your mother does it. Masturbation is just as natural as eating
and sleeping and don't ever let anybody tell you otherwise.
The sight of Steve with his hard cock in his hand excited Brad and he said
to Steve, Look kid, I will show you that it is perfectly normal. lola model picture russian
With that
Brad zipped his fly and took out his already rock hard penis and wrapped his
hand around it. See, I told you I do it too. Now relax and continue what
you were doing. We can do it at the same time and watch each other. Steve
was shocked to hear these words from his stepfather. Brad and Steve always
got along well since Brad married Steve's mother 8 years before. They
always seemed to be doing things together just as a natural father would do
with his son. But now their friendship seemed to be taking a more intimate
turn. Father and son jacking off together. It just did not seem right to
young Steve. Yet the sight of his stepfather standing by the bed with his
erection in his hand and starting to masturbate was having an erotic effect
on the 17 year old boy. His erection that disappeared when his father
entered the room now had returned and the boy moved the cover off of
Both man and boy had about the same size cocks when erect. About 6 inches
long and normal girth. Neither had been cut but the foreskins naturally
disappeared when erect..so that it virgins lolita teen modell looked like each had been circumcised.
Steve now watched his young russain lolita nudes father as he slowly nude lolita angels top moved his hand up and down his
rigid cock while he did the same to his own turgid member. Both cocks oozed
drops of pre-cum as they continued their mutual but separate massaging.
Watching each other engaging in such a personal activity lola model picture russian increased their
arousal and soon they were both starting to cum. Steve had a towel on the
bed beside him and he shot his cum into that. Brad took a large
handkerchief from his pocket to catch his ejaculate. They were both silent
after that as Brad zipped his fly back up and left the room.That night as Brad was making love to his wife Gloria he kept thinking of
what had occurred earlier that day. Brad wondered if Steve did that with
some of his friends as Brad remembered doing when he was the boy's age. The
thought increased his ardor and his fucking that night seemed to Gloria to
be a lot more vigorous than it usually was. Of course, she did not complain.
She lived a good fuck as much as anybody and she really loved Brad. After
they finished their lovemaking and Gloria fell asleep, Brad could not sleep.
He kept thinking of Steve and his cock and realized that he actually desired
the young man. That though scared him and he tried to put it out of his mind
but could not. Finally he fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.The next day was Sunday lolita free homemade movies and the family had nothing planned so Brad asked
Steve if he would like to go to the Home Depot with him to pick up some
building materials he needed. Steve agreed and they left together. After a
few minutes Brad started talking to Steve about masturbation and asked lolita's tight sweet cunt him
if he had ever done that with any of his school friends. Yes, Steve said,
there was one guy who actually taught him how to masturbate when they were
both about 13 and had done it for several years until the other wet model lolita pussy
boy's family
moved away.
Look son, Steve continued, I hope you don't mind my asking you these
questions but I think that after yesterday we are close enough to trust each
other and need not keep any secrets from the other. I had my special friend
when I was a teenager too so I certainly understand how it is. Now the other
question is this. Did you and your friend ever jack each other off at the
same time?
The turn this conversation had taken had an effect on the younger man and he
could feel an erection growing between his legs. No he replied, they had
never done that. Well, Brad said, as good as it is when you do it to
yourself, it is much better when somebody else does it for you and you do it
for him. Brad knew where this conversation was headed but by now he too was
so filled with desire for the boy's cock that he didn't care. He pulled the
car over and stopped behind a row of trees so that they were hidden from the
road. Brad reached out for the boy's crotch but he slipped on the seat and
suddenly found his face pressed to the young boy's face, his lips were
suddenly on his son's lips and it felt like a stream of highly charged
electricity shooting through his body. The boy's mouth opened slightly and
Brad's tongue snaked out and into between his son's lips. Their tongues
found each other and began a slow dance in each other's mouths. It soon
became obvious that the lad had more than a little experience in kissing, no
doubt with those lovely teenage girls that were always hanging around Steve.
While they continued their deep kissing each hand went to the other's crotch
and soon zippers were down and each other's cocks were well in hand. Between
the hot kissing and the mutual caressing of cocks it did not take long for
the boy to start cumming. Oh yesssssssss ohgod yssssssI am ccccccommiing! At
that a spurt of hot semen hit the older man's cock and balls and this
brought Brad to his own orgasm. They rested like that in each others arms
and then zipped themselves up and got back on the road. Brad told Steve that
he really loved him and hoped they could do that again and again but that
nobody could be told about what they had done or will be doing as Steve is
still a minor and Brad could go to prison. Steve agreed that he will not
tell anyone and that he too hoped they could do that again. Man, I never
knew anything could feel so good, Steve said to Brad, who nodded his head in
agreement.After that, when ever Brad and Steve could find themselves alone together
they would hug and kiss and masturbate each other. It was just pure bliss
with a touch of lust for both of them. I f Gloria wondered why they were
spending so much time together she did not say anything about it. She seemed
just happy that the two men in her life got along so well together. If only
she knew, Brad thought! Bu the could never tell her about the hours our
sheer pleasure her son and her husband experienced on those togetherness
occasions. Brad loved Gloria deeply but now he also love her son. Brad had
mixed emotions about that.One of Gloria's grandparents had gone to the hospital in another state and
Gloria felt she should visit him. She asked Brad about it and he agreed that
she should go. She would be gone about 3 days and two nights and he said he
and Steve could manage OK and she should go. While Gloria was out of town
Brad and Steve had ample opportunity to engage in their lovemaking and took
every advantage of it. One night while they were both in Steve's bed, Brad
asked him if he ever had a blow job. Steve said no, none of the girls who
let him finger fuck would not go that far. He once asked one to kiss his
cock and she refused. She would not even jack him off , she would just let
him finger fuck her until she came. Steve, Brad said, it can be a real
thrill and I would like to do that for you if you would like to try it. Brad
did not wait for a reply, instead his head went down to between the younger
man's legs and he began to lick and kiss his thighs. This new sensation
brought gasps of pleasure from the boy's mouth and he moaned as he felt the
older Man.'s lips touch the base of his throbbing erect cock. Brad began
licking the boy's hard cock from his balls to the tip and back, paying
particular attention to that tender spot just behind the head of Steve's
cock head. Steve's moans became louder and breathless as Brad continued
licking and sucking his cock. At one time he pulled Steve's body right up
against his mouth as the boy's pulsating cock went partly down Brad's
throat. Suddenly the lolita's tight sweet cunt boy broke away from him. Brad asked him what was wrong
and btheoy replied that he Brad was giving him such great pleasure that he
wanted to please Brad in turn. They then maneuvered their bodies into the
69 position and Brad resumed sucking Steve's turgid cock. Steve hesitated
only briefly and then grabbed Brad's cock and brought it to his own mouth.
As his lips surrounded Brad/s cock head Steve played with his balls and that
sent a new thrill through his young body. Slowly he took the entire length
of BrBrad'scock into his mouth and savored the precum that was dribbling
from the head of BrBrad'sock. Soon Steve could feel his orgasm building and
started to pull his cock out of Brad's mouth but Brad wanted the boy to come
in his mouth so he grabbed Steve's ass cheeks and held him tightly to his
mouth. SpSpurtfter hot spurt shot into Brad's willing mouth as the boy came.
Steve removed the boy's cock from youngest tiny lola teens his mouth just briefly enough to tell
Steve that he was going to cum now and to pull his face from his cock if he
didn't want Brad to come in his mouth. In reply, the boy grasped Brad's ass
and pulled him tighter to his mouth just like Brad did a moment earlier.With
that, Brad let loose his own powerful orgasm and shot his cum down the
boy's throat. Each swallowed the cum of the other. After a few moments they
parted and lay back together on the bed enjoying the afafterglow of their
lovemaking. They kissed each other and both dropped off to a deep sleep.The next day was Monday and Brad had to go to work. Being spring vacation,
Steve remained at home and slept most of the day. When Brad returned from
work he brought some burgers and fries with him so they would not have to
cook dinner. They watched TV for a youngest tiny lola teens
little while but both were bored with it
and each knew what they really wanted to bed doing. Yet is was still early
evening and Brad asked Steve if he had ever seen a porno movie. Steve said
no but sure would like to see one. Brad unlocked a small cabinet where he
kept several porno movies the he and Gloria would watch when they were home
alone. He put one on and it featured lesbian sex. Something Steve had only
heard about but had never seen. Half way though the movie both of them were
so sexually aroused they decided to go to bed., Brad turned off the VCR and
TV and locked the porno movie back up and went up to bed. They hurried out
of their clothes and both sported raging hard ons that the porno movie had
given them.. They got on the bed side by side and reached for each other.
Soon they were deep kissing while rubbing their cocks and bodies against
each other. They were so engrossed in their lovemaking that they did not
hear the the car drive up, nor the front door open and close.....After one night at the hospital Gloria when her grandmother did not even
recognize her she decided to return home the next day. It was a 6 hour drive
and she arrived home about 10 PM. She wondered where Steve and Brad were and
knew they were home since Brad's car was in the garage. Oh well, they
probably are over visiting the neighbors, she thought to herself. She drank
a glass of milk and then, being somewhat tired after the long drive decided
to go to bed. As she passed Steve's room on her way to her bedroom she head
a low moan. Oh hope Stevie is not sick, she thought to herself. I better
look in on him. When she opened the door to Steve's room she almost fell
into a dead faint. There on the bed were her husband and her son, both
totally naked and both with raging erections in each other's hands while
their mouths were pressed together in a deep and passionate kiss. A
guttural sound was all she could utter and this sound did not escape the
attention of the two males on the bed in ot embrace while jacking each other
off. All movement suddenly stopped as the boy and man looked at wife and
mother in shocked disbelief. Mom, Steve started to blurt out but that is
the only sound he could get out of his mouth.Brad started to explain that
this was nothing planned, it was just something that happened and they could
not help themselves. He was so busy trying to explain to his wife that he
didn't even notice that she was fast removing her own clothing! Her blouse
when flying, then her bra, he skirt followed and she kicked off her shoes as
she literally tore here sheer panties from her body. OhmyugaodOhmygod was
all she could utter as she ran to the bed, pushed her husband aside .and lay
down between the two males, She reached out for each of their cocks that
were now flaccid but after a few strokes of her soft hands soon became semi
erect. Ohmygod yesss may God have mercy on my soul but I must confess that
I have wanted to fuck my Steveie ever since I once saw him masturbating when
he was about 14, she explained to her husband Brad. She continued to
masturbate each of them lola model picture russian until they were again fully erect and throbbing. She
reached down and lightly touched her lips to the head of her husband's
precum dripping cock and then did the same to her son's also precum dripping
cock. She then moved over onto her son and took his turgid member and guided
it to her swollen and very wet pussy lips. At the same time she motioned for
her husband to move up to her face so she could take his coek into her
mouth. Steve became so overcome with lustful desire that even though he
knew that what they were doing was forbidden incest, he didn't care, he
thrust his hard cock deep into his mother's cunt and started pumping while
she sucked her husband's cock. Gloria reached down between her legs and
began to caress her clitoris while her son pumped away in her sopping wet
cunt. Guttural sounds escaped her mouth as she was so consumed by lust for
these two men in her life. God, How could I ever be so lucky, she wondered
as she sucked more and more of her husband's cock deep into her throat while
it felt to her that her son's cock was about to meet her husband's in her
throat! . It wasn't; that Steve's cock was that large, hell it was almost
the same size as Brad's but it was the way he was so energized while fucking
his mom that it felt like it was larger than it actually was. Suddenly she
felt her husband's cock start spasming and she knew he was about to come.
She tightened her lips around his cock so he would not pull out while cuming
and as she did this her cunt lips tightened around her son's cock as he
started shooting ot sperm deep into him mother's cunt. This was all too much
for Gloria and as she pulled her face away from Brad's now softening cock
loudly moaned ohemygodohyessssssssIam coming as a mind blowing orgasm shot
through her entire body followed by another and then another and another
until it preteen indian lolita pics seemed she would never stop coming.As they lay quietly in each other's arms savoring the post coital bliss
each was feeling, Gloria mused to herself., I should be ashamed that I have
succumbed to the weakness of the flesh and committed incest with my own son.
Yes I should be ashamed, but you know what? I am NOT ashamed and I am so
glad it happened and it will happen again and again as long as we are
family.. Then as an afterthought, I wonder if I can get the men to fuck each
other and let me watch while I masturbate? thai lolita free clips
I will have to figure out a way
to pull that off just as pulled THIS off, she said to herself with a low
chuckle. Thinking about how she had planned this night to youngest tiny lola teens happen after she
found evidence in the car that day that Steve and Brad had their first
mutual jack off session!
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